Independent Music At It’s Best

Independent Music Stage (IMS) is dedicated to presenting fans with the very best music. That means not settling for mainstream music, simply because it is easy to find. We recognise that there is a lot of awesome indie music out there. Performed, recorded and produced to be every bit as good as any mainstream music you can fins. So, we mix together the very best independent music and the best mainstream music to create brilliant playlists. The IMS features independent artists from across the internet, alongside a blistering selection of mainstream artists. In mixing together independent music with mainstream music, music fans are introduced to some awesome music that they might never have found. For indie artists this means they can reach well beyond their existing audiences to find new, fresh listeners, that will be highly likely to be interested in their music. For fans, this means high quality new music side by side with existing favorites from the music charts.

Independent Music Stage


Here at IMS, we firmly believe that blending the best indie music with mainstream music is the best way to promote indie music. Indie artists and mainstream artists should be treated in exactly the same way.

Independent Music Stage

The IMS channel includes a range of playlists featuring artist music videos plus exclusive music performance videos, lyric videos and interviews:

Independent Music Stage Channel

The IMS Soundcloud playlists tend to showcase a slightly higher amount of indie music:

Independent Music Stage on Soundcloud

Meanwhile the IMS Spotify playlists tend to showcase a slightly higher percentage of mainstream music:

Independent Music Stage on Spotify